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Haydn's Symphony #88

Aches and Pains

Although I hadn't thought about it in years, I have a vivid memory of my father complaining upon getting up in the morning that he “ached all over”. 

Lately, I wake up every morning hurting somewhere. Back, hip, leg, anywhere. Amazingly, it disappears once I’m out of bed and have taken a few steps. It doesn’t reappear again until the next morning.

I planned to call my older brother to find out if he too aches all over.  But I didn’t have to because when a close friend and I were walking yesterday, she happened to mention that she wakes up with various aches that go away when she is out of bed.

My whole day brightened. 


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Yup, I know the feeling and fortunately it does go away after getting up and moving about.

Cindy Bulharowski

Me Too!!!

Cindy Bulharowski (been goin' on a long time)
Age 74


Me as well and I thought there was something really wrong, now I know I know that it's called getting older.. I'm 76....and hoping to be around a lot longer ! Thanks !

Elena Goldstein

This could be mattress matter. I have relocated myself to a different place on the bed, one less used, and I wake up feeling ten years younger. Acheless. Less expensive than buying a new mattress - but there is that option for when you run out of unused places on the geography of the mattress.

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