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Years ago, I would stop at my local Bay Bank branch after work every Friday. I would cash a check for $75 that would usually get me through a week.

Times have changed.  Now $75 would never get me through a week, and I never cash a check.  In fact, I only write checks for some contributions and holiday tips. I use Venmo to pay small amounts to a neighbor who picks up something for me at the grocery store and charge whatever I can on my cash-back credit card.

None-the-less, I finally ran out of checks and ordered more with my new apartment number.  When they arrived, I checked that all the numbers on the bottom were correct and stashed them away.

I had to write a check the other day, and I noticed that I forgot to take Peter’s name off my new supply. I will probably write checks with his name on them for the rest of my life.

And that’s OK with me.

                                Best wishes to all for a healthy, happy 2022.


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Best wishes to you
Cristina from São Paulo, Brasil

Monica James

It is so true that we use to write checks for everything and now use credit cards or pay online. Sending blessings your way.


Best Wishes to you! I really appreciate your little thoughts and urge you to keep on keeping on!!!


Glad you kept Peter’s name on your checks. Thanks for your stories- memories. Stay safe. Happy New Year’s to you.

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