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What? Me Compulsive?

I slept perfectly for the six nights I was with the kids for Thanksgiving. I was out “like a light” as soon as my head touched the pillow, and I never slept less than eight hours.  It was partly relief from the stress of the last several months and partly the pure mountain air.  But mostly it was that I had no responsibilities.  No pills to manage, no pharmacy runs, no doctor appointments, no classes.   “Just put your feet up,” my daughter-in-law Katrina said, and I did.

I have always been a “busy” person.  As a child, I would be the first to leave  playing in the street after dinner because I had “things” to do.  My college roommate swears that I would turn down a movie with friends because I owed a letter to my parents! I never stayed up all night to cram for an exam.  One could call me “disciplined,” but “compulsive” might be more accurate.

That may explain why since January, 2008, I have published 1,449 “70-Something”, now “80-Something.” blog posts.

Every Thursday and every Sunday.


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Monica James

Disciplined and faithful, not bad traits.


And we really appreciate the regularity of your posts.

Becky in California

As one of your loyal readers, I thank you for all of your "compulsive" blog entries! I have loved each and every one, and hope they continue for many years to come (if you still enjoy writing them, that is). I appreciate the regularity with which you post, too. Something to count on and look forward to!


Agreed with all of the above. Look forward to each post - every Thursday, every Sunday. x

Paul Albert

I agree with all the above: I look forward to your blogs twice a week, slowly getting to know you: would understand if you need a break: thank you again.....

Daniela Campelo

And we are grateful for that.

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