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What? Me Compulsive?


There were two cars at Deep Creek Lake for the post-Thanksgiving trip back to Silver Spring, Maryland.  I went with Leo—his longest driving since he got his license a few months ago.  His father was in the front seat next to him in case he needed advice, and Seth and I were in the back.  Occupants’ ages ranged from sixteen to 80-something. Subjects discussed follow:


I had never heard a single song on Leo’s playlist.  But music was a big part of the trip as Jeremy quizzed Seth on the artists of the best hits of the 80’s. Seth knew them all.   I knew none of them. I asked Seth to quiz me on top hits of the 50’s.  I recognized every single song even though I couldn’t name any of the artists except Patti Page. Classical music was not discussed.


Me:  Long down coat zipped to my chin.  Jeremy and Seth:  normal winter jackets, unzipped.  Leo: shorts and a sweatshirt


A very, very short discussion on possible online dating sites.


Two large plastic bags containing approximately thirty-five brands of what used to be called “penny candy".  Bought by Seth at a nearby candy store to be shared upon his return to Brazil, we each were allowed samples.  I chomped on Hot Tamales and Turkish Taffy.


Not long enough.


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these were the differences... something in common: LOVE

Maureen Helen

Sounds lovely, Judy. We can learn so much from the young people In our lives. I feel blessed to be able to do things with my family.

Becky in California

Loved this!

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