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Where Did the Morning Go?


I was a 5’10” tall teenager. I towered over my female classmates (and quite a few  males).  My mother’s three brothers were all tall, and my older brother was 6’2” so my height was not surprising. 

Mother was always reminding me to stand up straight.  Her constant “shoulders back” (or her whispering “SB” if we weren’t alone) was very annoying.  Honestly, I tried.

In 1989, my mother died.  I wish I could tell her the following: 

In 2002, I bought a very expensive gown in a boutique shop on Fifth Avenue in New York City for Jeremy’s wedding. It was elegant and I felt beautiful in it. 

It needed a bit of alteration because there was a gap between the dress and the back of my shoulders, probably due to my poor posture.  I guess that I hadn’t done enough SB-ing.

Nineteen years later, while replacing a framed photo of Jeremy and Katrina at their 2002 wedding, I noticed a bit of a gap between Jeremy’s tuxedo jacket and the back of his neck.

The genes have spoken.


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my mother always talked to me to contract the abdomen... I should have listening to her.


Thank you for this post. It reminded me that both my sons started having psoriasis in their late 30s or early 40s. That was about when I first got it. So yes, the genes do speak, but thankfully they don't control everything.

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