Where Did the Morning Go?

It's the Little Things...

My apartment has floor to ceiling-windows in the living room.  The window coverings are three-inch-wide plastic vertical panels.  In the almost four months since moving here, I had not closed the shades until last night when even our double-glazed windows couldn’t keep out the cold.

Alas, I saw that there was a gap, a missing panel, right in the middle of the window.

I had a feeling that when the shade people replaced similar shades in our former apartment down the hall, they left me one or two extra panels.  Sure enough, I had tucked one into a closet corner and forgotten about it. 

I couldn’t reach high enough with my small step stool to attach the panel, but my three-step ladder was perfect. I was able to slide the panel into the empty holder where it fit perfectly.

Made my day.


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Monica James

So glad you had the extra one but be careful doing that climbing.




Often it’s the small things that give the greatest feelings of accomplishments.


I am woman, hear me roar. A great feeling to DIY. I do not get on my step stairs for any reason though, too fraught with mishap potential.

Anne Brew

So satisfying to complete a job without asking for help. x

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