What's for Dinner

Falling Objects

The other day I knocked a quart of blueberries off the kitchen counter. Approximately one-third of the berries stayed in their original container.  The other two-thirds rolled under the stove, the dishwasher, the refrigerator or just randomly distributed themselves on the kitchen rug.  I had to leave them or be late meeting a friend. They were still there when I came home.

It seems that I am dropping or knocking things over more often lately. At Thanksgiving, I knocked a wine glass off the arm of my chair, breaking it AND spilling the wine. 

My hands just aren’t as steady as they used to be.  My handwriting, formerly  legible, sometimes can’t even be read by me.

I do not have a remedy for these new deficits.  However, I do know that if I made a list of the things I can do, it would be much longer than this one.                                                   


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Monica James

That is something to remember as we all fit in that boat.

Maureen Helen

Very sensible, Judy. We need to give ourselves credit for how well we manage rather than berate ourselves for minor mishaps.


I laughed out loud! Spilling wine was something I did as a 20-something. So, hey.

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