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The Grateful Jar

What I Wish I Could Tell Peter

  • Nobel Prize winner Amartya Sen, our recent landlord, has published his memoir Home in the World, and the Harvard Coop calls it the most anticipated book of 2022
  • I saw a good musical at the American Repertory Theater. Although it was very loud, I think you would have liked it.
  • Grady got called from JV to Varsity for his high school football’s playoff game. They lost, but he did fine. Both grandsons got excellent report cards last week.
  • Seth’s friend Fernanda came to dinner on Wednesday. As you know, Brazilians eat late. We started eating about the time I would usually be getting into my pajamas.  She was very entertaining.
  • I miss you every day.


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Maureen Helen

Love and sympathy, Judy. Mourning is such hard work! xx

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