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Without Peter, it’s not easy to write my Thanksgiving grateful jar entries this year. But I am with my children and grandchildren, so part of him is still with me.

This year, we are having our first Thanksgiving at Jeremy and Katrina’s vacation home in the “mountains” of Maryland, so we are establishing a new tradition.

We will have the usual bountiful food, maybe an extra pie or two since the grandsons are suddenly over 6’3” tall.  We will walk to the nearby lake and perhaps into the woods.  There is something wonderful about being together after last year’s virtual Thanksgiving.  And about being close to nature.

All reasons to be grateful


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Monica James

Your grateful jar tradition sounds wonderful and am glad you are continuing it. Happy you will be with family and wishing you a special day.

Linda McMahan

Happy Thanksgiving, Judy! I believe you have passed the hard work of Thanksgiving feast prep torch to your family next generation. Sit back and enjoy your children and grandchildren!


Hi! After all, happy thanksgiving!

I did not know Peter passed away, I am so sorry.
I am glad to know you are having a good time with your children and grandchildren.

Thank you for sharing a bit of your life experience with us. I am 25 yo, and I have not opportunity to live in the presence of my grandparents, read your blog is like have a gramma's advice.

Kind regards,


Becky in California

Wishing you a lovely day with your family in the beauty of nature! So happy you get to be with them.


Hi, i’m matheus, a Brazilian boy from Rio de Janeiro. I’m 19 years old. I’m deeply sorry for your lost. I lost my parents and 3 grandparents with covid-19 last year and I know how hard it is. Now I’m leaving in Italy, I took the life insurance of my mother and moved to Milano, I’m here trying to do my Italian passport because my great grandfather was Italian. I don’t have more family members alive. Sometimes I feel sad, alone, but I know life is not easy. I believe in god and I hope for a future better than now. I’m sorry for telling you my background, I don’t know why I’m doing this. I hope to you all the best. Your son is a great guy. Ps: I’m sorry for my English, I never studied English in my life, is a English learned by movies. Bye 😘

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