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I have just completed my fall change-over.  My summer T-shirts and my winter sweaters have switched places. 

I have more sweaters than I can possibly wear.  Yet each one has a story. They remind me of memorable occasions when I wore them.  Many are turtlenecks—a blessing for my aging neck.  Too many of them are gray.  One is a chic short-sleeved blue light-weight wool, which means I can wear it in summer or winter, except I always forget I have it.

Peter had a drawer-full of sweaters, some dating from the Stone Age.  Our boys and our grandsons took all but a few.  Those few are now in my sweater collection.

They will keep me close to Peter.


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Monica James

Here in Arizona not much changes for me except leggings and pants get longer and long sleeves instead of short sleeves. Pretty simple.

Mary Kelley

Sweaters gifted to us by another are the dearest things. They can surround us with that person and be quite comforting. Stay warm and thank you for your posts. I'm there are many of us who appreciate them and your down to earth comments and never respond. Be well.


That's so lovely and sounds like a great comfort. I have a shawl that belonged to my mother and when I wrap it around me I feel especially close to her.

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