Brené Brown

November is November

I can’t help but do my yearly “I hate November” rant.  Of course, I look forward to Thanksgiving. But I don’t tolerate the dark November afternoons so well.

And then there was this past Friday with its howling winds, torrential rain, and a shrieking fire alarm that forced our entire building outside (fortunately no fire) for thirty minutes in the morning.

It should have been the kind of day to get things done, but other than slapping some labels on shoe boxes that are too high up for me to reach, I didn’t accomplish anything other than making a huge bowl of popcorn. I finished the whole thing down to the last burnt kernel.

All by myself.


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Debbie Newhouse

I connected with your message and the issue of the dark afternoons!


You are so right, Judy, this getting dark so early is a bit depressing even in the best of circumstances, let alone when a person is just beginning to get used to life on her own and still dealing with the social limitations of Covid. I hope you can stay safe and snug in that harsh weather. Thinking of you!


Popcorn is OK but you have to hold the butter.
It may also help to think King Lear: Blow, winds, crack your cheeks!


So glad you got a bowl of popcorn to enjoy in the dark day. Our weather has been depressing--gray, cold fog. I'm not a winter person at all.

Iris Smale

Glad you had the popcorn. That's comfort food to me. And, I'm sure with you on the November dark - especially when it's cold and windy. Sorry you had to leave for the fire alarm - but glad there was no fire. Do take care of yourself.


It's always a sort of surprise, unwelcome, when night falls so early. But it's offset by morning light. Thank god.

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