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My Men

As the only girl in our family for three generations, I have a brother and four male cousins. I have two sons.  And two grandsons. And a male grand-dog.  (Luckily, I have a wonderful daughter-in-law)

Therefore, I have spent this Thanksgiving weekend in the mountains enjoying
many football games, a silly Will Ferrell movie, and never going for a walk without a football. There have been multiple purchases in thrift shops by the youngest generation and a couple of stops at a high school football field to toss the pigskin.  There has been non-stop eating by the males. (Luckily, I have a daughter-in-law who knows how much food is needed for growing men.)

There was a solemn time when we spoke of Peter as we spread his ashes beneath a stately evergreen in the woods behind the kids’ mountain house. 

Another wonderful Thanksgiving. Just a touch of sadness.


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Monica James

So happy you have family to be with and to share with.

Iris Smale

So glad you were able to have Thanksgiving with your family. I can surely relate to the males and football. In Alabama football is KING.


Is the same in my family.... sometime I feel a little lonely among them.
Regards from Brazil

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