Breakfast with Catherine
November is November


I am enrolled in three classes.  This does not go well with trying to process losing a husband.  However, one of my classes is quite practical.  It’s called Understanding Gender Identity.  I chose it because I want to be up-to-date on the ever-changing vocabulary that goes with sexual identity.  To me, referring to a single person as “they” does not come easily. 

My own vocabulary is challenging at this moment.  My apartment is no longer ours.  It’s mine.  We don’t have tickets to a concert, I do. 

And when I went to a dinner party last weekend, there were five people, not six, although in my heart, Peter was there. He would have loved the conversation.

And the dinner.


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Monica James

So many subtle changes. Most that none of us would even think of. I hope you will keep posting and sharing.

Maureen Helen

Brave woman, Judy. Take care of yourself. Maureen xx

Susan in Berlin

I continue to be extremely impressed by the gracefulness with which you handle the challenges of ageing (and now loss), particularly since I have some very different examples in my life. And I have really come to believe that intellectual curiosity is the key to that (or at least one of the keys). While the people I am thinking of have closed their minds to anything new in their 60s or even earlier, you take classes on gender identity!

I am several decades younger than you but I always enjoy your blog and consider you a true role model.

Anne Brew

I rarely if ever miss one of your posts, every Thursday and Sunday. I hope you continue to blog for many years.


Changing to single pronouns will take some time. Give yourself all the time you need.


You were very fortunate to have shared a social life with him. Not everyone gets that in life.

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