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Breakfast with Catherine

Catherine was Peter’s number one caregiver. She is from Uganda. Her full-time job is as a nurse in a rehab facility, but her work shift is 3-11 and so she cares for people in their homes at other times.  Months ago, she began to come to us a couple of mornings a week.  She and Peter would go for walks with his red Rollator, and I think they grew to care for one another. 

After Peter’s stroke in early May, Catherine began to come every morning at 6:00 a.m. to help me start the day. She would join us for breakfast, and she always had the same thing—a four-minute boiled egg, toast with orange marmalade, coffee and some fresh blueberries. Catherine said my soft-boiled eggs were the best she’d ever had.

On Thursday Catherine came for her regular breakfast.  We talked about losing Peter, and it was clear that she missed his presence too.

After breakfast, I helped her put three huge green garbage bags filled with Peter’s clothes into her car.  She will send everything to Uganda.

We hugged and promised to stay in touch.


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Loved Catharine and Peter's story...but it is the orange marmalade that is sending me into the kitchen for breakfast...ha.

Monica James

This was so touching, how wonderful to have had this friend and caregiver and how wonderful for her that you both cared for her as well.

Edith Mead Holway

So poignant. 🥲


What a heartwarming post... and how nice for both of you to be able to sit together again, to help feel a little more closure. Catherine sounds like a wonderful person.


The world is so much better with all the Catherines of the world. Blessings to her.

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