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The Little Purple Pill Box

I’m holding Peter’s little purple pill box in my hand. It is the box Peter used to carry his daily supply of the pills that kept his Parkinson’s Disease in check for many years. Four times a day, his phone alarm told him when to take two.

But now, he doesn’t carry the purple box anymore.  His Parkinson’s has gone on a rampage after thirteen years, and he can’t take charge of his pills any more.  In addition, his mobility has deteriorated so he cannot walk on his own.  At his recent neurologist appointment, the doctor said there was nothing more to be done.

So, after ninety-one years of a life well-lived, he has decided to stop eating and drinking.  Many people would not approve of this decision, but it is his, and I honor it.

I am so sad, but so grateful for the wonderful years we have had together.


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Nancy (Ponder) Callahan

Oh Judy I am so sorry to read this latest installment. I will be praying for Peter as well as you and your family.


Much love to you both as you travel this path together. My thoughts will be with you. That post was so graciously and eloquently written, Judy. A loving reflection of the dear husband who inspired it.


Thank you for your post. You are both brave and realistic people. I am so glad that your sons are supportive.


My thoughts are with both of you.


I have been a regular reader of your blogs. Most of the times i read it aloud to my husband and there have been numerous instances when we have shared a warm smile or a hearty laugh. Today tears welled up in both our eyes before i could even complete reading the post.
Lot to learn from Peter and you about embracing life as it comes and to have the courage and resilience to make thoughtful decisions at the right time. Thank you both and God bless.

John Kirsch

Judy, Thank you for your courageous post. Perhaps there may be some comfort for you in knowing that Peter and you are not alone in making and accepting such decisions - and that you help others by your honesty and clarity. - John


Judy, Know that so many of your readers are thinking of you and Peter with love and support.

Ellen Hoffmann

A last journey together.

Elizabeth Carter

Your blog has been a comfort and inspiration for me. I support Peter's difficult decision and pray for you both
Peace be with you


Thinking of you, and of Peter, and wishing you strength.

Robyn Champion

Oh Judy, my heart goes out to you both. I hope you can find peace in the coming days.

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