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The Little Purple Pill Box

I’m holding Peter’s little purple pill box in my hand. It is the box Peter used to carry his daily supply of the pills that kept his Parkinson’s Disease in check for many years. Four times a day, his phone alarm told him when to take two.

But now, he doesn’t carry the purple box anymore.  His Parkinson’s has gone on a rampage after thirteen years, and he can’t take charge of his pills any more.  In addition, his mobility has deteriorated so he cannot walk on his own.  At his recent neurologist appointment, the doctor said there was nothing more to be done.

So, after ninety-one years of a life well-lived, he has decided to stop eating and drinking.  Many people would not approve of this decision, but it is his, and I honor it.

I am so sad, but so grateful for the wonderful years we have had together.


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My heartfelt thoughts are with you and Peter.

Janet Gottlieb

Wishing you strength.


I have been reading and enjoying your blog for years, but I’ve never commented. I honor and respect Peter’s decision.

My heart goes out to you both. I hope you will take some small comfort in a virtual hug from a stranger. I can only imagine your sadness.


I too fully support Peter's decision to take control of his life. God Bless you both as you go through the coming weeks together.

Monica James

Oh my how hard this must be. My heart goes out to the both of you.

Nanna Rose

Thoughts and prayers for you and Peter during this time.

Maureen Helen

So sad for you and Peter, Judy. Love and prayers. Maureen

Linda McMahan

So sorry 😢 about the sad news. My thoughts and prayers are with you and Peter 🙏.


I don't have the right words... So please just know there are many of us out there who have never met you and Peter in real life, who you have let into your lives, who are sending you both love as you confront this new stage.

John and Jenny Kaufeld

We are sad with you.


I'm so sad to read about Peter's health status, but I totally agree with you, and with him. And, it sounds like he has lived a good, fulfilling life. I pray I can reach that age. My prayers are with you and him.


Oh, Judy........I'm at a loss for words. May the love you have for Peter give you strength in the coming days. Your on-line community is here for you and Peter.


Judy, saddened to hear the news about Peter. Thank you for sharing. At some point in time this will be me and my husband and your column hits me on a personal level.

Debbie Newhouse

Thinking of you both with love.

Charlotte Rolle

Sending you lots of love and hugs and kisses and positive thoughts and energy and prayers. Hug Peter for me. I too, honor his choice and his amazing spirit. Take care sweetheart.
Love you all,
Charlotte Rolle

Theodora and Van Ooms

Our hearts go out to you both in taking this courageous, difficult and smart decision for Peter to engage in VSED as you both face the ending of his wonderful life and your life together,

We are so glad you will have so much support and love from close friends and family in this process... and from us both . Theodora and Van

Theodora and Van Ooms ([email protected] )

Paul Albert

Holding you and Peter in my thoughts, Judy. Sending care and love, Paul


It takes a wise and courageous person to make that choice. I hope I will too if that situation arrives for me.

Blessings and love to you both.


So eloquently and beautifully stated. My best wishes to both of you for the coming days..

Susan Hansen

Sending Peter vast love and support.


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