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The Gold Heart

Long ago Peter gave me a gold heart on a chain from Tiffany’s.  I rarely took it off. 

Last Saturday, while standing at the kitchen sink, I felt the chain hanging open around my neck. The heart was gone. 

I hadn’t left the apartment that morning except to go to the trash chute, and I had the feeling that while bending over to pick up the trash bag from the kitchen floor, the heart had slipped into it and was now in the huge iron trash container in the basement of our building. 

A building staff member opened the trash container for me, and I climbed on a ladder to see if I could see the plastic bag I had recently dropped down the chute.  Alas, even though I pushed big bags aside with a long pole, I couldn’t find the one I had dropped. The symbolism of losing my heart was obvious. 

Two days later, Peter passed away.  I didn’t want the heart replaced.  It was gone for a reason.

(P.S. Our housekeeper found the heart under a chair on Wednesday.)


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Monica James

So glad you found it.

Maureen Helen

Dear Judy,
I cried when I read this story. So poignant. It touched chords in several memories of mine. I am so glad your heart was found. Take great care of yourself. Thinking about you often these days.
Maureen x


My husband gave me that same Tiffany heart several years ago. He gave me other things through the years, but that has been my favorite. (He passed in March from ALS. You are so brave to share your story. I so appreciate it.)


Just thinking of you!


Thank you for sharing.


My sincere condolences on the loss of your dear husband. I am glad the heart was found, even while yours is breaking.

Delaine Zody
An acquaintance of Ronni Bennett's

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