Adventure in DC
Peter On Dying



Even with all the sadness surrounding losing Peter, I recall some memorable things he said to me in his last days that show his sense of humor and love for me were still intact.

            Sense of humor: “Can you get my criminal record expunged?”

            Love: “I should have brought you more flowers.”

                       “You have been magnificent in caring for me.”

Missing him isn’t easy.


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Monica James

What a wonderful picture and thanks for sharing the most precious memories with us.

Phoebe Moore

Judy, I am so sorry for the loss of Peter, and we are sending our love to you, Seth, and your entire family.

Phoebe Moore & family


This is a wonderful photo of a wonderful man who loved you very much. I know you, in turn, loved him. Fifty years! How grand. Wish it could have been far more. My sincere condolences on your loss and may his wonderful memory stay with you and give you comfort.

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