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Jeremy talked me into driving home to Maryland with him after our guests honoring Peter departed Thursday night.  It was the right decision.

We were on the road at 8:00 pm, Jeremy and I in the front seat, and Seth and Lenny, a former neighbor and good friend, in back.  We dropped Lenny at the New Haven, Connecticut train station where he had parked his car and Seth in Jackson Heights, New York where he lives when he is not in Brazil.  We stopped in Short Hills, New Jersey at 1:00 a.m. A good friend of Jeremy’s had left the door unlocked and warm chocolate chip cookies in our guest room.  We were in Maryland by the early afternoon on Friday.

On Saturday I watched our grandson Grady kick off at his junior varsity football game, tears in my eyes because Peter would have loved it.  I have watched his brother in the goal at two varsity soccer games so far.

I will fly home soon to a life without Peter, holding the love and support of those who had the privilege of knowing him.

(I am gratified beyond words at the outpouring of sympathy from “80-something” readers.  Thank you for continuing with me on this journey,)


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Debbie Newhouse

So exhilarating to imagine kick off at Grady's football game. What a lovely family you've created. With all best wishes.

Edith Holway

So sweet, Judy. Heartfelt hugs.
Let’s have lunch when you fee like it.
❤️ Edie Holway

Monica James

It was the right decision and so glad you were able to go. Perhaps making some changes in your routine may be of help like if you normally awake and read the paper with morning coffee go to a coffee shop and do some people watching and get aquatinted with the servers or take a morning walk. Hubby and I live close to a mall and they have it open early to walkers and we have started doing that once a week. Maybe make your afternoon meal your big meal and dinner a lite one. Maybe move furniture around and set up a area of things of Peter's. Just some ideas.


It's good that you had the chance to get away for a bit, get a change of scenery, clear your head a little, and see the grandsons. I have been thinking about you a lot and will continue to be holding you up in my thoughts and best wishes, Judy. I'm sure life will be very different now, but knowing you, you will find interesting things with which to fill it and expand it.

Paul Albert

I am so grateful for your sharing your journey with us, Judy, and glad we readers can offer you support in this difficult period. Thank you many times over. Paul

Iris Smale

So glad you are able to spend some time with family. I know how important those soccer games are to both you and the kids. You are in my thoughts as this part of your life continues. My husband's funeral was 16 years ago yesterday and it's still difficult on some days. My thoughts are with you.

Bonnie Rosenberg

From a long ago Waban friend. This is Bonnie, used to be, Meltzer, now Rosenberg. My daughter, Elizabeth, sits with Emily Miller on the Needham Town Council and Emily just shared your loss with her. Elizabeth knows I have always been a great fan of yours (and your boys, all of them!) and she sent along the news. She also sent a link to some of your recent posts. Such sad news, and such a brave and loving, Judy, knowing to always find strength in family and friends. And, so - an old friend weighs in with heartfelt sympathy and support and compassion, and a warm hug. I am so sorry for your loss, I am so happy to reach out and be back in touch. Bonnie ()

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