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Jeremy Update

When our son Jeremy visited us last week, he told me that he is a “praytheist” (rhymes with atheist).  He doesn’t practice a religion, but he takes a few moments each day to sit quietly and express his gratitude.  

He also told me about a problem he is facing. A close friend who is anti-vaccine believes that Covid vaccines are unproven with possible, unknown long-term side effects.  Jeremy feels that everyone should be vaccinated.

Jeremy suggested to his friend that there is a 50% chance that he (Jeremy) is wrong and a 50% chance that his friend is wrong.  Jeremy proposed that if he is wrong, he and his family will have masked up and taken a chance with an unproven vaccine, but if his friend is wrong, he is putting himself, his family and countless Americans at risk of illness and death.

It sounds right to me.


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I love Jeremy's reasoning. Makes sense and is expressed logically and in a nonjudgmental way. I will remember this if needed when having a discussion with an anti-vaccine friend.


That's just what I needed to hear this morning. I am double vaccinated and also know people who are anti-vaccine. I've been wondering what is the best thing to say, without getting into an argument. Jeremy's response is brilliant and elegant. Thank you, I will use it.

Lynn McClain

It's incomprehensible to me to not get vaccinated. I want to lash out and cast insults to those who refuse, which ends unfavorably. I will try Jeremy's method in the future - more civilized and might actually work.


I love the word “praythiest,” and also Jeremy’s reasoning.

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