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Guess Who Called Judy Kugel

Last Saturday morning, I answered a phone call from someone with a strong British accent. “Is this Judy Kugel?” he asked.  It was Benjamin Zander, the British-born conductor of The Boston Philharmonic Orchestra. 

Why is Benjamin Zander looking for Judy Kugel, you might ask?

About a month, ago Seth and I wheeled Peter to Zander’s Cambridge home to attend one of his free backyard summer concerts.  Unfortunately, our footrests did not fit the wheelchair we had borrowed, so Peter had to raise his legs to be pushed.  It was awkward, and we stopped often to let him rest.

Even worse, because rain was expected, the concert had been cancelled. Zander saw us and another prospective attendee in his driveway and came out to apologize for the inconvenience.  Noting our awkward wheelchair situation, he suggested we take the legs from the no-longer-needed-wheelchair in his garage.  They were perfect.  Although he planned on never needing them again, we gave him our name and phone number just in case.

Well, just in case happened.  He was calling to ask me to return the wheelchair legs.  It seems his sister needed them.

Still, I got a call from a pretty-famous maestro.


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Elaine M Soloway

Love this.


What an uplifting post!!

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