Road Trip

Adventure in DC

I had a great visit with a childhood friend while I was staying with Jeremy’s family.  She picked me up one late morning, and we talked non-stop at her DC home over a delicious salad. 

It was a gorgeous day, and I decided walking home to Jeremy’s would be good for me. I thought it was around five miles which I could easily do. When my friend protested, I promised to call an Uber to rescue me, if needed. 

As I walked through leafy residential neighborhoods, the afternoon got hotter, and I realized that my overstuffed purse and the few groceries I was carrying were slowing me down, but I am a stubborn woman, so I kept going.  An occasional dog walker assured me I was on the right path.

The bad news—I had no water with me and saw no place to get some.  The good news—I finally spied a familiar farm stand ahead selling pumpkins and cider.  I probably looked like a crazy lady about to collapse because although they had no water and I couldn’t add a huge jar of cider to my burden, I asked if she minded if I rested briefly in a camp chair in front of the stand.  Seconds later, she came with a bottle of cider, opened it and poured me a cup.  It was heavenly.

Even better, a customer said to me, “you look like you could use a ride” and drove me the next couple of miles.  By the time she dropped me off, I’d made a new friend.

I’m hoping to regain my common sense soon.


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Monica James

Oh my so glad this had a happy ending.....

Nancy Grenda

Oh, I so connected with this post.❤️

Maureen Helen

Do take care of yourself Judy.

Charlotte Rolle

Judy, when I read your stories I find that in a short period of time I’m totally caught up on the story and for a brief moment in time, I am with you heart and soul. Thank you so much for sharing your incredible and amazing stories. I feel we are truly ‘friends’! Take care my sweet friend and continue to LIVE your life with love, joy and peace♥️🎃🧸😉❤️✨🎊🍩🙃🎉🎈🎊😜🎈🧚🏽‍♀️🌹🥰🤪🦋👻💜🤟🏽♥️


Sounds like you had an adventure. I think I sometimes take on more than I’m capable of, in other words I forget my age, and have to ask for help. Other times I overcome the task. Regardless, I’m always pleased that I’ve made an attempt. Good for you Judy-keep walking.

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