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196 Photos, One Life

Peter passed away on October 11th at 4:30 p.m.  Jeremy, Seth and I were able to say good-bye to him at home.  His room was full of sunshine, and Mozart CDs had been playing non-stop. 

I had fifty-six wonderful years with that man. During the past eight months, his capacity to do the things he loved diminished steadily and he decided he didn’t want to live any longer.

On October 13th, as friends came to offer their condolences, our computer showed a repeating slideshow of 196 photos of Peter’s life.  They were all of happy times, and that is how I will remember him.

Rest in peace, my love.


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Jacquelyn Farm

May his memory be for a blessing.


You are surely in my thoughts and prayers. I lost my husband to lung cancer 16 years ago on October 16. I was blessed to have him at home with me. Thankfully you had a lot of years with Peter. My sincere condolences.

Deborah Anderson

Dear Judy and family, as a committed follower of your newsletter, I have felt you , Peter, your sons , grandchildren etc are a part of my extended family. I read with great interest about your move to DC and your return to Boston. I worried about Peter’s declining health,I followed his time in the hospital and rehab, your devotion to him. But still, somehow, I was shocked by his death. I, like your other readers , are sharing in your grief, my condolences and healing wishes, Deborah

Elizabeth Carter

Ihave appreciated the thoughts you have shared with us all. I am now thinking of you and your loss Iwill include you in my prayers
God keep you and bless you.

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