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The Wisdom of Our Grown Children

Although Hurricane Ida delayed Seth’s Labor Day Weekend visit, we had four terrific days with him.  He helped put up art in our new condo.  He pushed Peter to Harvard Square (wheelchairs and brick sidewalks are a bad combination) where we had lunch outside. While we were waiting for the bill, he ran to Mike’s Pastry and came back with gluten-free sweets as a parting present for his parents.

I was impressed by our conversation about good news, bad news and gifts. He recalled from his freshman psychology class that while bad news should be given all at once, good news should be spread out.  For example, he is taking four boxes of her favorite Belgium cookies to a friend in Brazil.  He will give her two boxes upon arrival.  She will be sad when she finishes the last one, and that’s when he surprises her with the other two.

Not a bad idea.


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Ortrud Radbod

Hope Seth's friend doesn't read today's post. Otherwise, so much for the surprise, I guess.


I love this and will remember it next time I have good things to share.

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