The Wisdom of Our Grown Children

The Real World

We’ve been in our new condo for ten days.  I have emerged from a world where only two things mattered:  Moving and Peter.  I didn’t talk to friends.  I didn’t read a book.  I only sat down when I ate.  I lost four pounds, and I look like I haven’t slept in weeks.  But we did it.

Our decision to become owners is all about security.  We didn’t like our housing future being in the hands of a landlord.  That worry is over.

Our new place has had some surprises for us.  The towel rack fell off the wall in the shower while I was in it.  I couldn’t set our (very nice) oven to anything but 375 degrees.  Nor could I set its clock. And there was no “how to” stove guide.  There was an odd contraption on the wall of the “pantry” closet.  It looked like a fuse box.  Fortunately, a friend helping us explained that it held brooms and other long-sticked things on the wall in a very clever way.

The real world is a bit scary now.  But I’m glad to be back in it.


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Monica James

Go to google and you can get the stove guide:) Hope everything works out for you.


You are such a brave soul, the way you are willing to make bold moves for the sake of a better situation. Moving is so stressful. But I'm sure it's good for the brain.

Your brain must be having a merry dance right now forming new neural pathways.

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