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In February, 2020 when I bought hearing aids, I was unable to get one into my oddly-shaped right ear canal. Therefore, I only have one for my left ear.

When Seth visited recently, he asked me if I was wearing my hearing aid because I was saying “what?” a lot.  I did have my hearing aid in.  I decided there was something wrong with it and took it back to be fixed. 

Unfortunately, the hearing aid was fine.  What was not fine, is that I had not one, not two, but three hearing aid domes (which must be changed frequently) deep inside my left ear canal.  The hearing aid specialist took out the first two, but I had to have the third removed by a physician.  That was painful.

The domes for my hearing aid are tiny, and one could easily come off when I put it into my ear. When I saw that one was gone, I just assumed I had dropped it.

It won’t happen again.


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Monica James

Oh my goodness so glad you got those removed and hope you are hearing much better now.


Such a funny story, Judy. I left one in my ear also, a week or so after I got it. Couldn't wait for my local doctor to open!


I didnt even know that could happen! Glad you realized what was wrong!


I've had that happen too, but luckily I guessed it was lost in my ear, and having it fished out wasn't too hard.
Fancy having 3! Quite a line-up, and a relief to have them out. Sounds like a painful lesson.

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