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The Moving Saga, Part I

Any “most stressful events in life” list includes moving. I wouldn’t call my dozen moves fun, but yesterday’s scheduled move was the worst.

It just didn’t happen.  The mover confirmed the day before, then called at 7:15 a.m. on moving day to cancel because he didn’t have a team available.

Of course, this cancellation came at the time of year when everyone moves—back to school, new jobs, etc. In desperation, I turned to Google for “last minute movers.”  And I succeeded.

I hope.


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Becky in California

Oh my gosh, Judy, as if your life weren't already stressful. That seems so unprofessional of them. I hope it all works out and doesn't cost you a fortune.


Wishing you well with your new mover. That they show up. That they take care of your belongings. That they deliver to your new lodging in a timely manner. You are right, moving is very stressful.

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