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Expectations, Part II

The Gift Basket

One afternoon last week, two friends in our condo building knocked on our door.  They were carrying a large wooden basket with a huge bow.  “This is all for you only,” they said.

My eyes filled with tears.

In the basket were cookies and cheeses and patés, all gluten-free of course, jars of honey and fig spread, some lemons and clementines, a fancy soap, an airplane-sized  bottle of cognac, and more.   

As I unloaded each item onto the kitchen counter, I kept saying “Oh, my God”.  I was like a six year-old on Christmas morning.  I stopped counting the number of items at thirty.

The kindness of people never ceases to amaze me.


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Monica James

What a wonderful gift, enjoy!

Becky Dahl Randle

How absolutely lovely! You certainly deserve some pampering.

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