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Nothing changed our life like the birth of our first child.  We had read everything there was to read in preparation, but until one experiences parenthood…

I am reminded of that “disruption” by how our life has changed in the last six months and especially in the three weeks that Peter has been home from rehab.  Perhaps the most dramatic change is the size of our “family”.  Two kind and capable Ugandan women (who neither know nor see each other) help me several hours of each day.  They know significantly more about caretaking than I do, but I am learning. Still, it’s an adjustment.

Peter and I have carved out “our” time.  Between noon and 4:00 p.m., it’s just the two of us.  We have lunch together, and perhaps both have an afternoon nap.  I am still able to climb onto his lap and hold him.  And for those moments, it’s like it always has been.



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Monica James

This was so touching, thank you for sharing.


What a lovely post, Judy. Your love for Peter shines through.


I don't post many comments, but I do read your Blog regularly. I'm so glad you can have both help, and the precious time with your dear husband. I've been down a very similar road and I certainly feel for you.


How precious that special time together sounds. I felt very touched reading this and witnessing the enduring power of love.

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