The Moving Saga, Part I

Jeremy's Dream

Our children were the first subscribers to The 80-Something Blog back when it was called The 70-Something Blog, but the other night was the first time one of them dreamed about it.

Jeremy dreamed that I did a Zoom Meeting with a girl/woman in her zeros, teens, 20’s and each decade through their 90’s.  In the dream I asked them what they would like to ask and tell one another­­­­ and then wrote a blog post about it.

What a great idea.  But only in our dreams.


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There is a message in your son's dream. You have a lot on your plate right now...but I hope you circle back and explore the message (which I don't believe in typically - but maybe I am wrong). I am a stranger and I am in the same age group as your sons. My parents have been gone for 22 years (Father) and 14 years (Mother). Adjunt note: Boys - you are lucky - but I sense that you know you are lucky - a sign of excellent upbringing!
Judy, your blog is important to my age group and to your "super senior" age group. Thanks for writing. Keep writing. Thanks for showing your boys and grandchildren how to age. It is an example to emulate. You make a difference. I am hopeful that you know it, but I wanted to say it again!

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