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It’s been decades since I thought about the ghost hikes at summer camp.  On an unknown night, counselors would wake campers cabin by cabin long after “lights out”. The campers would walk single file along a just-made secret trail through the woods, not knowing what scary thing would happen next.  The date of the ghost hike was unknown, which added to the excitement.

My life right now is complicated.  After six months in rehab, Peter is home.  He needs a lot of care, so I need a “stable” of trustworthy, capable and kind home health care workers.  I’m in the process of building that. 

In addition, last month, we heard about a unit available in our condo building prior to its being listed for sale.  We love our rental unit, but at our age living lease-to-lease feels insecure.  We will own the other unit in a month.  That means organizing moving, changing addresses everywhere and general chaos.

I don’t know what's coming next.  It’s a bit like a ghost hike, but not as much fun.


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Wishing you good luck in finding responsible help. And assistance in a move-sounds like you’re taking on a lot. Please ask your family, friends for help. Keep us updated.


All I can offer from California are supportive best wishes, but I offer them in abundance. Will be thinking of you from afar and hoping all goes as smoothly as possible.


PS - Great analogy about the ghost hike. : )

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