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Cinnamon Fire

Cinnamon Fire is a Jolly Rancher’s candy flavor that I missed (if it existed) when I was a child. 

On his recent visit home, Seth visited the mother of a best friend who "loves" him. He wanted to bring her some Atomic Fireball Candy that he had always enjoyed at her home in high school, but he couldn’t find it. Instead, he brought her Cinnamon Fire Jolly Rancher candy.

He brought the extra home for us. Peter (newly home from rehab), Seth and I ate piece after piece while glued to an episode of Mare of Easttown.  Feeling guilty since he is supposedly cutting down on sugar, Seth asked me to hide the dozen pieces of candy that were left.

Since I intended to continue enjoying them, I hid them in a corner behind our paper towel holder on the kitchen counter. When there were just three pieces left, I revealed their hiding place.

Seth had one.


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