Friends of Friends are Friends

Two Little Stories

1. I eat a handful of blueberries every morning because they are good for me. Last Saturday, after visiting Peter at his rehab, I stopped at the farmers’ market on the way to the subway because I had eaten my last blueberry at breakfast.  Normally, I would peek at a few vendors’ stalls, but just as I got there, a light rain turned into a torrential down pour, and I had no umbrella.  So, I bought the first blueberries I saw.  They were $1 for a pint, so I thought.  I quickly handed over a dollar and received a bag with four pints of blueberries.  My neighbors and I are still eating them.

2.  Our sons are very good about calling their father.  Jeremy reported the following.  He asked Peter what was most exciting about the possibility of his going home.  He did not get the answer he expected, namely “to be with my lovely wife.” Without a moment’s hesitation, Peter replied--“THE FOOD!”

                                                            The End


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