Mary Ellen, Part II
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Find a Dollar...Give a Dollar

The other day a good friend and I were walking along Brattle Street near Harvard Square. She stopped suddenly and reached down to pick up what turned out to be a folded dollar bill, probably dropped by someone “fishing” for coins for the nearby parking meter. I looked down and saw there was a penny too.  I picked that up.

I asked her what she would do with her “find”.  “Give it to someone else,” she replied.

Sure enough, while walking together the following day, without my noticing, she dropped the dollar somewhere.  When I asked her why the sheepish grin on her face, she replied, “Oh I just dropped the dollar from yesterday so someone else can have the pleasure of finding it.”

I kept the penny.


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Monica James

Hi there, I am new here but am touched by the simplicity and honesty represented here on a daily basis.

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