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A Caregiving Hint

Chances are that you’ll be a caretaker someday.  Or that you will need one.  So, from time to time, I’d like to give a helpful hint about caretaking.

When I got to Peter’s rehab room on Monday, he was away at his physical therapy session.  When Lindsey wheeled him back into his room, he told me that on the way out, he had dropped his glasses, but didn’t want to hold up Lindsey so would I please find them.

I searched and searched including some very unlikely places.  I found a pen top or two and a fork, but no glasses.  I went to the nurses’ desk to ask for help.  Help looked at all the same places in vain, and then said she had another idea.

Moments later, she was back with his glasses.  Where had she found them?  In the kitchen.  How?  He had left them on his lunch tray, and they were taken away un-noticed. She said that this is a common occurrence—that’s why she knew where to look.

“Usually,” she said, “It’s their hearing aids!”


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