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The U-Curve

Perhaps you’ve heard about the U-Curve, the theory that the happiness we have at birth begins to decline around age eighteen.  At age fifty, happiness returns to an upward trajectory and peaks at the end of life.  I was somewhat skeptical of this theory.  How could you be happier as your options become fewer?

I’m less skeptical now.  The past six months have been very challenging ones for me due to Peter’s health and the Covid 19 pandemic.  Yet, I am not unhappy.  I do miss many of the things that a younger me could do.  But there are so many things that I can do.

It’s all about expectations.


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Thank you for sharing your perspectives on aging.

I will share my Mom's final piece of wisdom as she had me walk her across her home one last time 2 days before she died:

NEVER be upset about what you can't do. Be grateful for what you CAN do :-) I hope I never forget! Blessed indeed.

Juliet Batten

Yes, all about expectations and also about attitude. You have such a good attitude. You always look for the good, even when confronting challenges.
I haven't heard about the U curve & find that interesting. In my book 'Spirited Ageing' I offer the STAR model, which consists of two intersecting triangles. One points down to represent diminishing physical capacity. The other points up to represent the increasing mental/emotional/spiritual capacities of ageing.
By shifting focus to the upward triangle, we can become a star.
You are definitely a star!

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