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Judy on the M(B)TA

After not taking the subway for over a year, I am now a regular user of the MBTA “Red Line” for my daily trips to visit Peter.  I know where to stand in stations at both ends to get the car that will leave me closest to the right exit at my destination.

You can imagine how many times I have heard at every stop: “Face Coverings are required on all MBTA vehicles and in all stations.”  It became a bit annoying.  Then one day something was amiss with the sound system, and there was no such announcement.  I rather missed it.

However, I came home and through the miracle of YouTube, I watched The Kingston Trio’s 1959 hit, "Charlie on the MTA".  Then I watched it again.  And again.  Unlike today’s music, I understood every word. 

I sang along.


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