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Is This Old Age?

I can picture our then-eighteen-year-old-son Seth standing in front of the open refrigerator door in our kitchen saying, “What did I come in here for?”  That sentence has comforted me for over thirty years when I have had similar occurrences.

Is forgetting what I was about to say or what I came into a room for happening more often lately?  Am I knocking over things or dropping things more these days?  There is no doubt that my handwriting is deteriorating.  Are all these age-related failings?

Perhaps worst of all, was the morning a few weeks ago when I started our 12-cup coffee maker and headed upstairs to get dressed.  I came downstairs to find that I had forgotten to put the carafe in place, and the whole kitchen was a sea of coffee—the floor, the inside of cabinets under the counter, and in a bunch of pots and pans. 

Worst of all, I had to clean it all up before I had my coffee.


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Greta wells

Ha! This can’t happen to me. As my husband frequently points out, “their is no water in the coffee maker”. No water, no coffee, but no spills!

Dee from Tennessee

I returned the carton of ice cream to the refrigerator last night ...vs the freezer.


12 cups of coffee - just for you?

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