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My Morning Moment

For years, our alarm clock went off at 6:10 a.m. on workdays. I would be on my exercise bicycle by 6:20, at breakfast about 7:30, and off to work a little after 8:00.  Back then, I knew what day it was. Now, not so much.

What I have instead I call my “morning moment”.  I lie in bed and let my mind take me wherever it wants to go.  I plan my day if I remember what’s on my calendar.  I seem to be dreaming more lately, and I try to recall last night’s dream. I think about how my analyst might interpret it (if I had an analyst). 

My morning moment is a luxury.  It’s here to stay.


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I love those morning moments, too, even though all my days that are already spoken for. I take slow, deep breaths and feel my body filling up with delicious oxygen. Very peaceful and cozy.

I hope you are doing okay, Judy, and that Peter is making some progress. Have been thinking of you both.

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