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Birthday Party

Peter and I went to a birthday party.  (Remember them?)  Ten vaccinated residents of our condo gathered in one of its largest units to celebrate the seventy-fifth birthday of a neighbor. I co-chaired the two-person-food shopping committee. Others took care of the cake, flowers, decorations, and entertainment.

I wore a special sweater that I hadn’t taken out of its drawer since the start of the pandemic.  I put on lipstick.  Unmasked, we could see each other’s smiles.  We sang silly songs and found good words starting with every letter of the alphabet to describe the birthday “girl”.

No brass bands. No heavy drinking. Just a reminder that good times lie ahead.  


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Becky in California

As someone who has yet to do anything social, I really enjoyed and was encouraged by this!


Thanks for sharing a message of hope!

We celebrated Mother's Day and our 16yo's birthday with our oldest son and his significant other on Sunday. Everyone was vaccinated, so we could forgo the masks and just be together. It was delightful.

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