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Another Challenge

In the late evening on May 10, Peter collapsed, and although he said he was fine, we couldn’t get him off the floor.  The EMT’s (who are amazing, but have been here too often) took him to the hospital, and it wasn’t until 2:00 a.m. that the ER doctor was able to tell me anything.

It seemed that Peter had a mild stroke, but because of all his other issues, they couldn’t do all the testing they would have preferred to do at that time.

Jeremy flew up to be with me on Wednesday. He can make me laugh even in the darkest situation, although he too was very concerned.

It looks like my amazing husband who said he would never go to rehab again will go early next week.  Despite his condition, his nurse Nikki told me that going into his room always brightens her day. 

He’s been doing that for me for fifty-six years.


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Moving Oakland

I have written you in the past to thank you for your blog. I have no idea how I found it years and years ago, but I am inspired and learn from you daily. I am 62. My parents have been gone for 27 and 14 years. I want you to know that you are a superb example of how to "do it". Life truly is a journey - and your travels, so seemingly average, are not average, because of the grace and drive you bring daily. Of course, a blog is only a slice, and there are ugly parts of life. But you are winning...

Maureen Helen

A touching and beautiful tribute to your husband of nearly 60 years, Judy. Peace and love be with you both.

Linda McMahan

My thoughts and prayers are with you both. Take care.


So sorry to hear that Peter (and you, and your family) have been going through this. I share the sentiments of "Moving Oakland," that both of you are shining examples of how to live life with positivity, grace, humor and love. Will be thinking of you both, and hoping for the best.


Janet and I toasted you last night while enjoying coffee ice cream only to read about Peter today. You are an inspiration and we wish you and Peter the best.

Anita Jenkins

I love your blog. I recently wrote an article for the Alberta Retired Teachers' Association magazine about senior spousal caregiving. I included your comment (with credit), ""Do I have to do everything around here," and "If the situation were reversed, Peter would do more than everything."


Wishing Peter and you well as you navigate yet another shoal in your journey. Hope all goes well for him at rehab and that Covid restrictions have eased enough that you can be there with him more than you could when he was last there.

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