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Peter is recovering from his May 10th stroke in Spaulding Hospital in Charlestown, MA.  Visiting hours start at three.  This week I’ve had two adventures on my way.

I took the subway to the Boston waterfront, expecting to walk from there to Charlestown.  But I was disoriented and walked a mile in the wrong direction.

Back where I started, I followed the Rose Kennedy Greenway, a beautiful park that parallels the Boston waterfront. I was looking for the “Boston Harbor Walk” that goes to the Naval Yard in Charlestown where Spaulding (hospital) and the Constitution (boat) are located. The first two times I saw a sign for the walk, it led down a pier to the water and I had to retrace my steps.  When I finally figured out how to go, I still had a long walk. I arrived, one wilted wife.  I had walked over six miles.

The next day’s plan was less ambitious.  I took the subway to the foot of Beacon Hill, my first home in Boston, and walked along Charles Street.   Both it and I have changed, but the place where I bought my first car in 1965 is still there (although now a parking garage).

A shuttle to Spaulding leaves from nearby Mass General Hospital. This time I arrived in much better shape.

My next plan is to go to Spaulding early and walk around historic Charlestown until visiting hours begin.

(If I can find it.)


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My goodness! I am impressed with you having walked six miles! I'm sure it was a bit frusrating, though.

Hope Peter is getting stronger and will be able to come home soon. In the meantime, stay safe out there on your own! (But have fun adventuring.)

Charlotte Rolle

you are the absolute best! you inspire me to live my life, not just watch it go by! thank you for sharing your experiences--many of them I can relate to in my own way!✌🙋😉😺💖🐨🐘🐢🌹🎠🐿🙋😜🎆❤

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