Seeing Faces

Of Course(s)

When I feel sad about all the things I can no longer do—take a bicycling vacation or stay up until midnight on New Year’s Eve come to mind—I try to focus on all the good things that I can do.

The courses that I take are at the top of the list.  In my Great Decisions class, I have learned about China’s relations with Africa, what’s going on in the Koreas, how global supply chains work (especially relevant when the Suez Canal was blocked) and more.  I am learning all about firearms in my “America’s Love Affair with Guns” class.   On Thursday, I spent most of the day watching an excellent (and free) MIT conference on social media—the issues are mind-boggling. 

At the end of the day, one of the most pleasurable things I encounter is the smile on Peter’s face as I present a pretty darn attractive main course at dinner.

I am trying to keep my glass half full.


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Good morning! I love the description of your classes. Can you share with me where you take those and can I e-access from Idaho or is it local community only? We have an Osher here, but the offerings are of little interest to me.

Have a Blessed Sunday :-)

Becky in California

Continuing to learn new things and discuss ideas are pleasures that can linger, thankfully, long after other things begin to fall away. Kudos to you for "staying awake" and aspiring to continue growing and sharing. I aspire to do the same. Also, preparing a dinner each night is very impressive, and you sound like a very good cook.

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