A Hallmark Moment

Here a Kathy, There a Cathy

Women named Kathy or Cathy have played important roles in my life.  My staff assistant in 1981 was Kathy. So was a graduate student I counseled thirty years ago who is still a friend.  A Kathy whom we met over fifty years ago in our ski club is now a neighbor on the floor of our condo building.  My sometimes trainer, who has become a friend, is another Kathy.

Peter’s physical therapist and his nurse from the Visiting Nurses Association, have been coming to our home regularly for three weeks. They are both named Kathy.  We just hired a lovely Ugandan woman to help out with Peter a couple of times a week. Her name is Kathy.

Peter’s occupational therapist is not named Cathy.  His name is Matt.


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