Here a Kathy, There a Cathy


Horseback riding and riflery were my favorite activities at Camp Wingfoot in the late 1940’s.  I have a couple of blue ribbons from riding and a bunch of awards in riflery, including Pro-Marksman, Marksman, Marksman 1st class, Sharpshooter, Bar I and Bar II.  So, my first experience with guns was positive.

Back then, the National Rifle Association was all about guns for sport. Today, the shooting of people seems to be what guns are about.  Last year, 19,380 American were killed by others using firearms and an estimated 20,000 used them to kill themselves.   In Britain, fewer than four people out of a hundred own a gun. In the U.S. there is more than one gun for every person.

It’s sad.


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