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A Hallmark Moment

I am very fussy about greeting cards and often spend too much time looking for the “right” card for the intended recipient.  For Peter’s 91st birthday last month, I got it just right.  The sentiment perfectly captured my feelings. 

“To my Husband, My Love, My Life Partner--

Looking back on this incredible journey we’ve shared, I think about the way our lives were then, the way they are now and all that’s happened since we started out.

I think of our laughter and conversations.

I think of family stuff—all the big and little things we’ve somehow gotten through, and of the good news, happy moments, and milestones we’ve celebrated along the way.

And even though it’s hard for me to believe how far we’ve come, it’s even harder for me to put into words just how much it’s meant to have you by my side through it all.

Happy Birthday.”

I couldn’t have said it better.


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Charlotte Rolle

I love your card! the meaning and the sentiment are truly perfect! I just wanted you to know how very much you have lightened my life. your wisdom, humor, laughter, tears, hopes, very thought provoking remarks and mostly love make my heart very happy and my soul full of joy. Thanks, Chachaboom (aka) Charlotte Rolle

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