Two More Days

On Tuesday, it will be two weeks since I had my second Covid vaccine.  I am grateful to feel protected. I am grateful to be able to be with friends and family who are also protected.  I am grateful that Seth recovered from Covid, including the return of his ability to taste.

There is much to look forward to as “normalcy” edges its way back into our lives.

But things will not be the same. So many lives lost, so many celebrations missed, so many hugs not given.  What is remarkable is that, thanks to Zoom, we have been able to “take” our classes, “see” friends and “attend” cultural events. 

The future lies ahead…it’s just a bit shorter.


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I had both my Covid jabs a month ago and feel more relaxed now. Our church has the OK to meet indoors next Sunday, hurray. We also have a big tent and heaters for those to prefer to be outside. Zoom has helped save my sanity!

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