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The Clementine Contest

Following in the footsteps of “The One Fork Challenge,” “The Meatless September” and other Jeremy-created-contests, Sunday was his clementine/mandarin eating contest. The invitation read:

“I hereby challenge anyone on facebook to a socially distant and socially delicious real-time mandarin and/or clementine eating contest. Three-pound bag. Peel and eat. Fastest to show all-rind and a orange-free mouth is winner.”

Clementines are one of my favorite snacks, and partially because they are so easy to peel, I signed up. Zoom participants ranged from around age seven to age 80-something.  All had to show an unopened 3-lb bag before we started.

After about four mandarins, my eating pace slowed a bit.  I didn’t count as I peeled them, but when the winner (17-year-old-Leo) finished, I think I was about ten down, ten to go.  However, I did win in my age category.

And you know why.


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