The Clementine Contest

My Silver Lining

Visiting Peter just once a week for 45 minutes has not been easy. Rehab staff bring him to me in a wheelchair, and in what seems like minutes, take him back to his room.  Of course, this is for Covid safety reasons, but it’s still hard.

However, in the past three weeks, both of our sons have come to visit.  They could only see Peter once, but I got them each all to myself.  Seth was working while here, but we had all of our meals together.  Jeremy was here for less than 48 hours, but we had two four-mile walks, looked at a shoe-box full of family pictures, and laughed a lot.  I agreed to join his new contest in which the winner will be the first to finish an unopened 3-lb bag of clementines during a Zoom meeting.

In this very hard year, every cloud has a silver lining. 


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Paul Moloff

If the bag is unopened how are you going to finish it?


That must have been such a comfort for you in a time of separation from Peter. It's great that you can still laugh, and that your sons could visit.

J. Wolf

Glad your sons were able to spend time with you and Peter. Must be tough for Peter to be removed from his family. And a little lonely for you as well. I hope he’s making good progress and will be home soon.

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