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Life is (Not) a Bowl of Cherries

Peter will be 91 years old on Wednesday.  A year ago, we had a wonderful party to honor him.  One couple didn’t come because they were worried about a new virus, now with us for over a year.  Many of our guests tell us that Peter’s celebration was the last social event they attended “live”.

In January, Peter broke his hip.  Since then, I have seen him five times.  I couldn't see him in the hospital.  I was permitted to see him once during the two weeks he spent in rehab.  Three days after he came home, he was back in the hospital with excruciating pain in his other leg. He is now back in another rehab for a couple of weeks.  Seth and I visited him briefly on Wednesday, but visits are permitted only once weekly.

Peter is working hard to regain his strength despite his worsening Parkinson’s.   And I am here for him.  But…

“Life is not a bowl of cherries.”  


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Prayers from these ancients hills of NE TENNESSEE.... stay safe as possible.

We have got a gajillion appts now that we both have had the second vaccine . Will only wear double masks for appts and still no socialization , no contact pick up only for food , etc ...we are racing to get all these over due drs appts and MRIs etc completed . And back to isolating .

These are challenging times for sure . Just know someone in a TINY town cares .

Paul Albert

Holding you and Peter in my care.


Sending you love and light.

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